OKTI stands for "Onafhankelijk, Keur en Test intituut" ("Independent, Inspection and Test Institute").

OKTI services;

We dedicate ourselves to European companies, organizations and authorities who want high quality products, or buyers in the selection and controlling process of products and services. Okti provides; measurements & inspection, testing & certification, advising company’s and governmental bodies, Okti also certifies products and processes.

Okti works according the international standard ISO/IEC 17025.
Where other test institutes stop, Okti will go on and help you to pass the highest standards.

Okti (not only) performs measurements & inspections & advising of;
  • EMC / radiated emission & radiated immunity measurements
  • Temperature tests; High (max 60șC) and low (max -35 șC) temperatures
  • Waterproof / Degree of protection measurements
  • Thickness measurement of films & coatings
  • Calibration of measuring instruments
  • Full-scale crash testing of Road furniture
  • Shock and vibration testing
  • Noise measurement
  • Light measurement according NEN-EN 12966-1
  • Ce marking of machinery
Okti always searches for more and newer standards which can be measured. For more information please e-mail us.

Horendonk 322, 2910 Essen, Belgium
Mail : info@okti.be
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